Unabated crime

Dear Editor,

This spike in crime since the FNM came to power is now unacceptable and it is clear that the administration has no realistic plan for policing or the abatement of crime.

The punishment aspects, of course, lies with the judiciary but detection, the collection of credible evidence and ultimate prosecution, where warranted, lies upon your (the government’s) collective shoulders. There can be and will be no sugar coating or buttering up.

How many more of our people, especially totally innocent children, will be cut down and sent into eternity while you all collectively wring your hands and shed crocodile tears?

In opposition, you all stated that crime activity was to be blamed on the slack policies of the then Christie led administration. You all said that you had a plan of action and that once in office you all would have hit the ground running.

Well, three short years later, you all are not only running from constituents and people of this nation, but you all now appear to be running away from yourselves. Seemingly, ghosts are everywhere and innocent blood continues to moisten the ground. Criminals have no fear of punishment or consequences.

The police et al, in broad daylight, allow a huge funeral for a deceased female officer wherein scores of attendees were seen on the Facebook page of the police, yet our commissioner says he was unaware of the event. Who is in charge? 

The competent authority says that there is no need for potentially exposed legislators to go into quarantine when every other Bahamian is mandated by law to do so upon pain of jail time and or a fine or both.

Under your leadership or stark lack of it, we, as a people, are doomed and the lunatics are running the asylum.

Ortland H. Bodie Jr.

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