Underprivileged Bahamians might have a turkey-less Thanksgiving and Christmas

Dear Editor,

Many Thanksgiving dinner ads are popping up all over Facebook. The thing that stands out about the few I was informed about is the exorbitant prices.

One particular ad says that a Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and ham with desert is $25. I stand to be corrected, but I think another ad was promoting dinners for $30.

I recall these dinners costing between $12 and $15 last year.

The high cost of Thanksgiving dinners is a reflection of the ongoing food inflation gripping The Bahamas.

When the United States sneezes, The Bahamas catches a cold.

USA Today said that the cost of uncooked poultry increased by as much as 17 percent in September. And according to the US Department of Agriculture, the average price for turkey is $1.46 per pound.

CNBC says the price for an eight to 16 pound turkey is $1.99. Both the US Department of Agriculture and CNBC wrote that the price was $1.15 in 2021.

Boneless, skinless turkey now costs $6.70 per pound —112 percent higher than it was in 2021.

In addition to inflation, which is caused by the exorbitant prices for feed, fertilizer and labor, poultry farmers are dealing with an Avian flu outbreak in 47 states, which has affected 44.6 million birds.

The outbreaks began in July.

Farmers have had to euthanize 5.4 million birds, which has led to shortages and high prices for limited supplies.

When one factors in the rising costs for transportation and shipping to The Bahamas, it might be safe to suggest that thousands of underprivileged Bahamians will not be able to afford to buy turkey for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Kevin Evans

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