Unemployment higher for women

Despite attaining higher education, unemployment is higher for women than it is for men, according to data released by the Department of Statistics yesterday.

In May 2019, the labor force totaled 214,890, consisting of 102,730 women and 112,160 men.

The data further shows that at the time of the survey there were 22,635 people unemployed – 11,230 women and 11,405 men.

Overall, the unemployment rate for women dropped to 9.9 percent in May, compared to 9.2 percent for men.

“Although the unemployment rate dropped for women to 9.9 percent in May, we continue to see gender disparities in the unemployment numbers with women being more likely than men to be unemployed,” said Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest, in a statement following the release of the numbers.

“In fact, despite their levels of educational attainment, unemployment is higher for women with a secondary or university education compared to men.

“On the other hand, men with no schooling or incomplete secondary education are employed at a lower rate than women.

“Further investigation is needed to understand the different challenges experienced by men and women seeking employment, and the policies needed to address these challenges.”

Of the unemployed individuals, who had completed secondary school, 67.2 percent were women and 62.5 percent were men.

The numbers also show that 16.8 percent of unemployed men had not completed secondary school, compared to 9.8 percent of women.

Conversely, a larger portion of unemployed women (11.2 percent) had completed university, compared to men (5.2 percent).

Despite this, young women, those aged 15-24 and core-aged women, those aged 25 to 54, were more than likely to be unemployed than their male counterparts.

Youth unemployment for women was the highest recorded for all age groups, which stood at 20.7 percent compared to 19.5 percent for men.

The national unemployment rate decreased from 10 percent in May 2018 to 9.5 percent in May 2019.

The latest numbers also reflect a drop in the unemployment rate compared to the 10.7 percent recorded in November 2018.

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