Unfair treatment of Bahamians must end

Dear Editor,

This message is directed at the Bahamian people.

Bahamians, God has blessed us with so much, yet we continuously allow the government to strip our blessings away from us.

Are you not tired of being unemployed or employed and victimized?

Bahamian young men killing each other and feeling like robbing is the only way for their family to survive?

Fighting amongst ourselves instead of fighting for the government to put Bahamians first and empowering Bahamians?

Illegal and unwarranted police harassment?

Waiting for monies owed by employers or government in some form or another?

Also, taxed continuously deeper into poverty? Wages never meeting the cost of living standards? Turned away from NIB for lack of contributions and other reasons?

Looking to social services only to get meager handouts that are not truly beneficial?

High electricity bills or not having electricity due to it being disconnected? Not being able to pay the mortgage? Losing your home? Not being able to pay rent? Not being able to afford food and necessities? Not being able to help your elderly parents who are trying to survive on an ungodly pension?

Let’s not forget foreign nationals having access to our Crown land and we are being denied Crown land, not having access to proper health care, not being educated to reach your full potential, not having law enforcement protection, all foreign nationals having more rights and freedom than you do, subjected to extra hardship for not voting for the governing political party of the day; robbed, raped.

It is profound how long the list of unfair and inhumane treatment of Bahamians is and even more profound at how much longer it can be.

Both governing parties have deliberately oppressed us Bahamians for far too long. Politicians want you to beg like peasants for the shirts, crumbs/a bag or small box of groceries and minimum wage jobs they give out.

It appears that there is a system in place to not allow Bahamians to enjoy life.

We are a wealthy people. Our natural resources and land give us a wealthy title. Grab your wealthy title, so that you can get your Crown land to build your home and grow your own food, travel the world, properly educate your children and soar like an eagle; the world is your playground.

Bahamians show up in large numbers to Junkanoo, regatta, carnival, etc. Whether it is raining or not.

While you may have fun, these gatherings do not contribute to your quality of life.

Come stand and fight for you and your children, against all injustices, poverty, corruption, oppression, suppression, etc.

If your excuse is you have to work, your job may not be secured if the government continues to allow the influx of Haitian nationals.

If you are afraid of being victimized, you must realize, that it appears that the government presently has you living in a system that guarantees victimization. Stand up so victimization becomes a thing of the past.

Concerned Bahamian

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