Uplifting, encouraging and building up

Bahamas Faith Ministries (BFM) Senior Pastor Dave Burrows urged the people of South Africa to get into a pattern of speaking the “language of the kingdom” which he said includes uplifting, encouraging and building up others.

Burrows, who recently completed his fourth tour of the country, said the message was important at this time, even years after the official end of apartheid in 1994; he said the country still has identity issues.

“The impact of apartheid in many ways is still there and still weighs on the psyche of people, so I wanted them to understand the way God speaks and the way we speak and the difference,” said Burrows. “The language of the kingdom is about speaking the way God speaks. For example, He saw Gideon in a depressed, downtrodden state, yet He called him a mighty man of valor. The way God speaks and the way we speak, from our perspective and not His. When we see His perspective, we speak a different language. He says to ‘let the weak say I am strong’, which is counterintuitive. The language of the kingdom is speaking from God’s perspective.”

Burrows said when people understand their true identity, the “kingdom” makes them different, and they act differently.

“Your words are really expressed thought. Words create actions. Actions create behavior. Behavior forms habits and habits become lifestyle. When Jesus was on earth, he told the disciples he only spoke what the father said, or authorized him to speak. In the same way, we have a pre-conceived script that God has given us to speak in the world. Just like Jesus said, ‘It is written, man shall not live by bread alone.’ This was the language prepared for him to speak before he arrived,” said Burrows.

“The thing about it is, when Jesus was on earth, he said, ‘I only speak what my father speaks and he spoke contrary to what people expected. When he met the devil and the devil tempted him, he said, ‘It is written.’ It’s what I call a pre-situation speech, so God has already given us a language to speak and we are only authorized to speak when we represent Him. Jesus said it is written because this was the prepared speech for him. For us in the kingdom we are supposed to speak the language God prescribed for us, even when it doesn’t make sense. The truth of the matter is we are just speaking authorized speech.”

Burrows said he delivered the message he did because he’s supposed to speak life, encourage and acknowledge weakness, “but don’t speak it, because I’m speaking from His language”.

Completing his fourth tour, the BFM pastor said he would encourage all Bahamians to visit some part of the continent to get a sense of where they came from. Every time he visits, he said he takes in the similarities he sees with Bahamians everywhere.

“It gives you an understanding of your own history.”

He also said he continues to return to the country for the people where he and the deceased Dr. Myles Munroe have developed a really big presence. Burrows said he didn’t realize how much of a presence he had in the country until a South African pointed it out to him.

“One time I was walking down in Mandela Square and a guy starts following me. Eventually, he taps me on my shoulder and says, ‘Are you who I think you are?’ I’m trying to figure out who would know me. He says, ‘Are you Dave Burrows?’ And he told me he watches me on the internet and that I had influenced his life, along with Dr. Munroe. He said because of what Dr. Munroe and I shared, his life was impacted positively. So, there’s a connection to South Africa and the impact people felt from Dr. Munroe and myself that keeps me going there.”

With so much information to share, and unable to get through them all during his most recent tour, Burrows plans three two-week trips for 2020 in March, May and July to accommodate the many requests he’s had to speak in South Africa and which will include tours of Swaziland and the Eastern Cape region.

Burrows was accompanied on his most recent visit to Johannesburg by his wife, Pastor Angela Burrows. On the way to South Africa, they took the time to visit London and Paris for vacation and a short period of ministry in Amsterdam where they met with a group from Almelo who had been following BFM, tuning in each week online for Sunday services and who consider themselves as a part of the BFM kingdom family. The Burrowses shared words of inspiration with the team during a meeting before they journeyed on to South Africa.

Their South African tour kicked off with a leadership and business breakfast meeting hosted by Pastor George Mosena and House of Faith church in Midrand at which the Burrowses shared keys to launching and running a successful business.

On their second day, the Burrowses split up to allow them to cover more ground, with Pastor Angela speaking at the House of Faith while Pastor Dave travelled to Johannesburg to speak at the morning service of Let’s Go to Glory Worship Centre pastored by Themba Manana, who heads the multi-campus church. Burrows spoke to them on next level kingdom living, which coincided with their annual theme of getting to the next level.

The Burrowses then proceeded to the town of Venda, where they spoke at a conference that combined leadership, business and ministry, before heading back to Pretoria for services at Choose Life Church. There, he spoke on “the language of the kingdom” to a 5,000-plus member congregation headed by Pastor John Roebert, who has travelled over 20 times to The Bahamas to attend Youth Alive hosted by Burrows, and later the Global Leadership forum hosted by Munroe. Pastor Angie also spoke at New Africa Gateway Church hosted by Apostle Bheki and Shari Gambeze.

The Burrows’ recent South African tour coincided with the couple’s  35th wedding anniversary and Pastor Dave’s birthday.


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