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Award-winning gospel singer Vanessa Clarke continues to battle a neurological disorder, but despite the challenges she faces, the songbird, along with her musical colleagues, has released new music as the world battles the COVID-19 global health pandemic. The song, aptly titled “Going Through (I Will Do This For You)”, is for these perilous and uncertain times.

The song’s message is that God will get His people through turbulent times.

“Going Through (I Will Do This For You)” features along with Clarke, the vocal stylings of Tony Lowe, who co-produced the song with her, as well as Dr. Aniska Taylor-Tanis and Sergeant Stacey Dames; Romeko Knowles, audio engineer; and Joshua Chan, music producer.

One week after recording the song, the world shut down in an attempt to contain the spread of COVID-19.

The Bahamas had 103 confirmed COVID-19 cases up to yesterday, with 11 deaths.

Worldwide, there were 7,185,573 confirmed cases and 408,954 deaths.

A war against police brutality and racism in policing then ignited in the United States on May 26, and then went global, after a video surfaced showing a white police officer subduing a handcuffed George Floyd, an African-American, with a knee to his neck for almost nine minutes. Floyd, who died, was buried on Wednesday.

“I watched America burn in protest. I cried. These are things you read about in history books and saw pictures of in black and white,” said Clarke. “The protesters stopped caring about how contagious COVID-19 is because they had a greater war to fight – and racism isn’t just an American thing that we should turn a blind eye to. It’s everybody’s fight if we want to effect change. We have to go through this with them.”

Clarke, also known as Divine Lady, is host of the Morning Glory Show on the Light 810 am (ZNS 3) in Freeport, Grand Bahama. Through her radio program, she uplifts, encourages and inspires listeners.

A gospel music minister for three decades, she says it’s by divine design that her radio ministry is an integral part of her calling. Even as she battles through her own personal challenges, she says she understands that in the COVID-19 era, many people are going through struggles as well.

“Some folks have been going through their own battles even before the coronavirus. But we have never experienced a season like this in this land as a people. We don’t know what this is. We have to pray for our prime minister and the government and successive governments – they may very well inherit this. There is so much uncertainty being felt by all – but God’s message is clear. He says, ‘I will do this for you.’ Only He can fix this,” said Clarke.

“That’s the message of the song. God will get us through [this]. We are looking to the government and we are looking to the church to save us but we need to look to God. He is [everywhere], whether church is open or closed. Church cannot save you. God can save you. If you say you love the Lord, no trace of racism should be in you because He taught us to love our neighbors and He never specified any color or ethnicity.

“I will lift up mine eyes to the hills from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord. The Lord who made heaven and earth. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. This problem is too big for man alone to fix. He may use man to get it done, but only God can bring us through this,” she said.

Clarke says the “Going Through” project will also feature a book that chronicles her journey in the fight for her life.

“I am in the fight of my life and there were days I thought would have been my last but I can confidently sit here and tell you that prayer got me through. Prayer gave me strength. I know that I am not alone and God is with me. He is with me just as He is with all of you as you go through,” she said.

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