Urgent steps needed to combat non-communicable diseases in The Bahamas

Dear Editor,

I was deeply concerned to read your recent headline, ‘Startling findings’ which highlighted the worrying trend of young people dying from non-communicable diseases in the Bahamas.

This is a cause for serious concern, and it is imperative that we take action to strengthen our healthcare system. One way we can do this is through a data-driven approach.

By collecting and analyzing accurate data on the prevalence and risk factors of non-communicable diseases, we can implement more effective strategies to address the root causes of these health issues.

For instance, we need to make testing for all types of cancer available locally. This will enable us to detect and treat cancer at an earlier stage, increasing the chances of survival for those affected.

Furthermore, we need to improve medical equipment for earlier detection and invest in early implementation of healthy food education.

It is also concerning that the government does not have readily available information on blood supplies needed to effectively administer health care.

This makes it difficult to distinguish between an inefficiency of the system and the actual number of deaths due to non-communicable diseases.

We must work to improve this by investing in reliable data collection and analysis.

In conclusion, I would like to encourage our government to take action to address the alarming trend of young people dying from non-communicable diseases.

By implementing data-driven strategies and investing in early detection and prevention, we can improve the health outcomes of our citizens.


Jerad Darville

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