Valderine “Cleadis” Williams

Demeritte's Funeral Home

Funeral service for Valderine “Cleadis” Williams, 87 yrs., a resident of #68 Minnie Street & formerly of Dumfries, Cat Island, will be held at Catholic Cemetery, Tyler Street, on Thursday, January 28, 2021 at 10:00 a.m.  Officiating will be Fr. Jonathan Duka.

LEFT TO CELEBRATE HER MEMORIES ARE HER SON: Anthony J. Williams;  DAUGHTERS: Yvonne Williams and Stacy Valaria Fox SON-IN-LAW: Shawn Fox; TWO GRANDCHILDREN: Antonia “Toni” Williams and Madison Fox; TWO GREAT GRANDCHILDREN: Takayah Francis and Zuri Demeritte; SISTER: Mavis M. Pratt; BROTHER-IN-LAW: Vincent H. Pratt; NIECES & NEPHEWS: Agatha Dorcas Bethel (Lorenzo), Cheryl Miller, Tisca Pratt Armbrister (Marco), Vinnette Gaitor (Dominique), Neya Newbold, Frank Miller., Ettienne Miller (Sophia)Vincent J. Pratt (Keisha), Edmund Miller Jr. (Justine) and Hughvon Miller; GRANDNIECES & NEPHEWS: Daija & Dabria Gaitor, Ariadne Armbrister, Shia, Kyrie & Malaya Pratt, Azaria Bethel; FOSTER DAUGHTER: Carla Turnquest; CLOSE RELATIVES & FRIENDS INCLUDING: Sherry Williams, Karen & David Pinder, Rev. Elva Russell & family, Jacqueline Smith & family, Kendley Smith & family, Rose Cartwright & family, Dommie King & family, Sandra Miller, Beulah Morris & family, Annienora Stuart & family, Derek Stuart & family, Paul King & family, Paula Farrington & family, Rev. Edmund Stubbs & family, Rosalind Rolle, Alice Minus & family, Lettieann Brown & Family, Raynell Minus & family, Mario Davis & family, Supt. Joy Bosfield R.B.P.F. & family, Anitra Thompson & Family, Vernita Thompson, Agnes Darling & family, Roland Goffe & family, Kermit Rahming, Steven Johnson, Anthony Goodman, Florinda Bastian, Cinderella Neymour, Stephanie Poitier & The Ladies Auxiliary Group, Alma Mackey, Gertrude Sweeting, Marie Ferguson & The Legion of Mary Group, Francis Whylly, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Demeritte, Laura Sherman & The Sick and Elderly Group, Linda Strachan, Monique Strachan Martin & family, Mizpah Rolle & family, Maxine Lord, Henrietta Miller, Velda Coleby, Paula Nairn, Pat Bell, Sesley Darville, Jacklyn Wilson, Ann Panza & family, Annamae Hamilton & family, Frederick Rodgers & family, Alana and Alex Taylor& family, Alfred Hart & family, Janiece Rolle & family, Brenda and Dorothy Cox & family, Cassandra Roberts & family, Edith Clarke & family, Carlton Neely & family, Edward and Ruth Hanna & family, Betty Hanna & family, Theresa Glinton & family, Stephanie Armbrister & family, Jacqueline Adderley & family, Stephen Adderley & family, Michelle McKenzie & family, Abri Godet & family, Jayynia Petty, Beverly Adderley & family, Julia Munroe Neely & family, Patricia Cartwright & family, Alex and Carrie Major & family, Ancel Pratt & family, Annie Tuyor, Joe Knowles and the Staff of John Chea & Sons #2, Emily Glass & family, Ruth Russell & family, Joan Russell-Curry & family, Alice Rolle & family, Dwain Morley, Patricia Whitfield, Eleanor Mitchell, Derek Bowleg and family, Sister Mary Benedict Pratt & the Sisters of Saint Martin Monastery, Archbishop Patrick Pinder, Father Jonathan Duca, Deacon Maxwell Johnson, Deacon Samuel Mitchell & family, Monsignor Simeon Roberts, Monsignor Alfred Culmer, Father Jay Cartwright, Our Lady’s Roman Catholic Church Family, Holy Family Roman Catholic Church Family, Our Lady’s 6:30 am Mass Choir, Minnie Street Community, Sunlight Village Community, Sunlight Cottage Community, The Bristol Group Limited family, special thanks to Dr. Christian Gomez, Nurse Debbie Fox and Nurse Lyndiana Rahming, and colleagues for their support, and other relatives & friends too numerous to mention.

Friends may pay their last respects at Demeritte’s Funeral Home, Market Street, from 11-5:00 p.m. on Wednesday.

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