Valley Boys ‘resigns’ after Saxons declared winner

The Valley Boys will no longer participate in Junkanoo parades organized by the Junkanoo Corporation of New Providence, Chairman Brian Adderley said yesterday.

The decision followed the announcement by Parade Management Team Chairman Anthen Mortimer that the Shell Saxons Superstars were the official winners of the 2019 Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade.

The nearly 62-year-old Valley Boys, who were declared the unofficial winners on Boxing Day, dropped to second place with 81.44 points, after a three-point penalty.

“We will continue to participate under the management of any other organization, but we no longer have any confidence in the JCNP to manage fair parades,” said Adderley in an interview with The Nassau Guardian.

He added, “We don’t expect to win all the parades, you know, but we don’t expect to be cheated and robbed out of the parades that we won or should have won.”

Adderley pointed to issues with time penalties in particular as a source of the group’s frustration.

“The Independent [Review] Committee didn’t follow the rules themselves in determining the protests that certain groups made,” he said.

“In short, one of the protests was the time on Boxing Day.

“Each group was given 70 minutes to parade in the judging zone on Bay Street. And there were several groups that did not make the time. The Valley Boys made the time along with Genesis.

“But the Independent Review Committee threw those time cards out, and hence the penalties out for those groups that didn’t make the time. We thought that was unfair because if you’re given a certain time to perform a task, you should adhere to that time.

“[A]nd so, we thought it was unfair that we were practicing all year to make the time. We made the time and now you make it irrelevant.”

Adderley said the Valley Boys would participate in future parades once they are no longer managed by the JCNP.

“The JCNP has an informal agreement with the government to manage the parades, and so hopefully likeminded [people] like myself along with the government can come up with a new entity to manage the parades, because we cannot subject our members and our sponsors to this kind of foolishness,” he said.

“People spend a lot of time and money to produce Junkanoo costumes and to participate in the parades, and we just cannot put up with it anymore.”

With a score of 85.01, the Saxons took home Best Step Down Costume and Best Lead Costume.

The Valley Boys won Best Music, Best Shirley Street Performance, Best Banner and Best Off the Shoulder.

Genesis came in third with 76.71 points after a three-point penalty.

One Family, which won best Overall Performance, Best Costume and Best Choreography, finished fourth with 74.19 points after a 12-point penalty.

Roots finished fifth with 69.31 points, after a 10-point penalty.

The New Year’s Day parade results remained unchanged with the Saxons Superstars keeping the first place position.

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