Vanessa Clarke’s ‘faith walk’

Vanessa Clarke is celebrating her 46th birthday today with the release of a new solo single and music video, “Faith Walk”.

“Faith Walk” is a song she said is experiential as she has been unable to walk for the past two years due to a degenerative neurological disorder. Her trial she said is when her faith walk became so potent. Despite her decline in health, she said she is continuing to press on spreading the gospel through music.

“I promised the Lord that just as I was when I was well, I will give my best to him. Whatever is left inside of me – whatever is left of me – I give to him. This is my faith walk, and I’m walking with him,” said Clarke.

There are two versions of the song. The original version features Clarke, while the second version features the soulful, rich vocals of her musical mentor and friend of nearly 30 years, Allison Mason-Rolle.

The song was produced by Tony Lowe who also provides background vocals for the project along with Stacey Dames and Vinessa Theoc. The instrumental music was produced by Joshua Chan, who also created the music for Clarke’s other single, “Going Through”.

Despite the odds stacked up against her – even as pain wracked her body, Clarke said she pushed through a grueling five-hour session to produce her music video.

In fact, she said it hurt so much just to get ready for one day, she decided to record two music videos at one time.

“I had to kill two birds with one stone. I brought extra clothes but it would take too much out of me to change. So even though I will look the same in both songs, Vanessa Clarke is Vanessa Clarke. It’s still me. I had to get it while the getting was good. I got it all done. It was worth the pain,” she said.

“For the last 25 years, I have always wanted to do a music video for The Lord’s Prayer. The timing was just never right. I wasn’t going to put it off again because of pain and tiredness. It’s my most requested song and I have sung that song at so many weddings, it was a joy to immortalize my connection to this song in this way.”

Both music videos were produced by 22-year-old Stanton Forbes, who will be graduating from the University of The Bahamas in May.

The videos were recorded against the backdrop of waterfalls, flora, fauna, gazebos, nature trails and ponds that create the idyllic and euphoric experience of The Garden of the Groves.

“Because of COVID and me being ladled with a comorbidity, it was the first time I left the house since June 2020. I was already sick and I wasn’t trying to get even sicker. So, I stayed put until the Lord called me to do this work once again. It should have stormed that day, but God held the rain back and the storm clouds kept the sun at bay. We were blessed with such a beautiful day and getting to do this was my birthday present to myself,” said Clarke.

“I fought so hard to see this birthday! This has been my faith walk. I am here today, walking by faith. And through it all, I will continue to give him praise. We must remember that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. We walk by faith and not by sight,” she said.

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