Vehicle registration appointments through govt portal by end of the month

The government has promised that by the end of the month, Bahamians will be able to make an appointment to have their vehicles inspected and licensed, and will also be able to pay through the MyGateway portal, the Ministry of Finance announced through social media yesterday.

This comes as the Road Traffic Department toyed with appointment bookings during the COVID-19 pandemic, after government suspended vehicle registration because of lockdowns, creating long lines and longer waits when those lockdowns were eased.

“Big, big news! By the end of September, you will be able to schedule your appointment and pay for your vehicle license and registration online via the MyGateway portal,” the social media announcement read.

“Be done with vehicle licensing and inspection in under 20 minutes. No more long lines! No more long waits. Initially, in New Providence. Grand Bahama and the other islands will follow shortly.

“See what government services you can now request and pay for online by clicking on More and more services added every month!”

Bahamians were elated when driver’s license renewal was added to the MyGateway portal along with myriad other government services.

The portal was officially launched back in May.

The portal proved most handy in the midst of the pandemic where restricted movement and limited in-person transactions threatened to hamper business transactions.

Now, the portal allows for the request of certified copies of birth, death, or marriage certificates; requests for police records; passport renewal; applications for property in government developments; and various applications for Ministry of Finance concession programs.

The government also launched the Bahamas Electronic Cabinet Management Information System or E-Cabinet system as part of its overall digital transformation strategy for the country.

That system allows the Cabinet of The Bahamas to automate memoranda, immigration papers and papers from the National Economic Council, and will increase efficiency with Cabinet approval processes.

It is also expected that automating systems will reduce revenue leakages from all government departments.

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