Venezuela needs a new government

Dear Editor,

I have read comments from the opposition in the House of Assembly and from some commentators in the newspapers who believe that the government was wrong to agree with the majority of the member states of the OAS and of the European Union in recognizing Juan Guaido as interim president of Venezuela.

I disagree. I believe that a change in government in Venezuela is urgently needed. I believe that the majority of Venezuelans want a change in government but they have been prevented from achieving their democratic will by the Venezuelan military that backs what has become a dictatorship.

Widespread corruption in the government, supported by the military, has destroyed what was once a strong economy in Venezuela.

The people of Venezuela are suffering from lack of food, lack of medicines and other basic human necessities.

The people are in open revolt in the streets. Children are dying from malnutrition and lack of medicine. People are being arbitrarily detained and abused by the government and the military. Many have been injured and many others have lost their lives.

I understand that under normal circumstances in international affairs one country or group of countries should not interfere in the internal affairs of another country. But there is nothing normal about what is happening in Venezuela. Nicolas Maduro is masquerading as a legitimate president. Even those countries that support him accept that his last election was a fraud.

It is frightening to me that in a blind loyalty to a theory of “non-intervention in the internal affairs of a country” nations of the world stand by as the lives of thousands of innocents are sacrificed as they were in Rwanda, in Bosnia and other countries. This cannot be right.

It would also be a good thing if some commentators who have a different position on the current situation would refrain from demonizing those CARICOM leaders who support the position on recognizing Guaido held by the European Union, most of Latin American and the Government of Canada led by Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Surely, we can disagree and have open and honest debates without personalizing our arguments.

– Observer

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