Village Road rage

Dear Editor,

After reading Office of the Prime Minister Press Secretary Clint Watson’s fatuous remarks concerning the ongoing Village Road “improvements” debacle, as a longtime resident, I was wondering who were these other excited residents with whom he had dialogue.

According to Mr. Watson, all the utility companies have completed their work and are now backfilling the trenches.

Why, then, was a new trench being dug opposite the entrance to the Orchard Cottages last evening? Why have we had no BTC service in our street for going on three weeks now? Why, after six months, are my wife, my elderly mother, my neighbors and I still having to negotiate a chasm reminiscent of the Grand Canyon at the end of our street via a narrow and precarious piece of steel plank?

We have had no garbage collection in weeks because the trucks can’t access the street. Heaven forbid there should be a fire or a medical emergency as there is no possible way that either a fire truck or an ambulance could negotiate the lunar landscape that is the north end of Village Road.

If Mr. Watson can find a Village Road resident who is “excited” about what has been a year-long ordeal for all of us, they probably just won the lottery.

Yes, Mr. Watson, we have been very patient but, for most of us, that patience has run out. It’s time for Minister Sears & Co. to do their business or get off the pot!


— Ian Mabon

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