Watch how things begin

Dear Editor,

The Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) honeymoon is way over. The first 100 days have come and gone with very little achieved or proposed by the Philip Brave Davis government.

Instead, we have had grandstanding, parties, special events, publicity tours, a carnival that blew up in the government’s face and endless travel abroad by the prime minister. The PLP spent weeks preoccupied by the Christmas carnival.

Like the last FNM government, the PLP is making a mistake by constantly reminding the country about what the FNM did wrong. People want to know what the PLP is going to do to fix the problems.

Very little to nothing substantial has been proposed in the House of Assembly. The management of the pandemic has been a disaster and things will only get much worse. Bad public relations have taken the place of substance and sensible policy. The government is disorganized, chaotic and drifting.

One of the main problems is Brave Davis. In all of his years in politics he has never had a vision for the country. Nothing has changed and nothing will change. There is by some reports already dissension in the Cabinet with the prime minister’s poor style of administration.

Davis seems to prefer to lead through PR and spin. Unfortunately for him, his PR so far has been unimpressive and lacking in substance. A bunch of pictures of him all over the place is not the same as jobs for people and the economic plan the PLP promised. The PLP isn’t serious. Brave Davis isn’t serious.

Press Secretary Clint Watson, who likes to be a celebrity and the star of the show, seems to think he is more important than Cabinet ministers. He is way out of his depth on many policy issues.

The PLP likes gimmicks. To cover the amount of masks the country needs for 400,000 people will require millions of masks because people will need to constantly change their disposable masks, some on a daily basis.

Is the PLP going to give out millions of masks, and how much will this cost? The costs could be in the many millions. This proposal seems very gimmicky. It isn’t serious. It isn’t well thought out.

By the way, our problem isn’t masks. The problem is the high number of unvaccinated people.

As the saying goes, watch how things begin because this is usually how they continue and end. The beginning of the ‘new day’ Brave Davis and PLP government has started off very badly and is likely to remain the same for the next five years.

Bahamian voter

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