Water restored to residents of Russell Island

Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) Executive Chairman Adrian Gibson said yesterday that potable water was restored to residents of Russell Island, Spanish Wells, around 4:10 p.m. after that island had been without water since Wednesday afternoon.

On Wednesday, the bridge connecting Russell Island to mainland Spanish Wells collapsed, preventing vehicular traffic between the islands and bursting a water pipe which provides potable water to Russell Island residents.

According to a press statement issued by Gibson yesterday, WSC staff traveled to the site of the incident to carry out repairs.

“Today, WSC Executive Chairman Adrian Gibson, MP, directed the dispatch of Nassau-based WSC personnel to inspect and assist local teams with the flushing and temporary water connection (line) between Spanish Wells and Russell Island,” the statement read.

“That emergency team landed in North Eleuthera this morning. This afternoon, Gibson had a very fruitful conversation with Robert Roberts, chief councillor of Spanish Wells.

“Sometime this evening, WSC teams (and Roberts) informed Gibson that – collaboratively – much headway was made today.”

It added, “Special thanks is extended to our hard working WSC teams, the chief councillor, CMS Marine, Herbie Albury, et cetera.”

The bridge was a temporary one installed pending a complete replacement, which the Ministry of Public Works signed a more than $2 million contract for last year.

However, installation of the new bridge was delayed due to the impact of Hurricane Dorian as well as COVID-19, according to Ministry of Public Works officials.

That ministry also indicated that the government and the contractor “will work feverishly to commence the reconstruction on this new bridge”.

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