We are better than this

Dear Editor,

Before moving on to my main focus I want to thank you for your inspiring editorial entitled “The need for more tolerance”.

It was in last Saturday’s edition, a day when I believe your forum is somewhat limited.I humbly suggest you reprint it. It is a must read. Thank you.

The after Dorian illegal Haitian drama has ran the gamut yet there is no letting up.

No retreat, no surrender everyone has their minds made up. Love ‘em or hate ‘em no in the middle

The Bahamas law like all international laws on illegal immigrants are on the books and must be enforced at all times.

All law-abiding citizens are supportive of these laws. But not all immigrants are illegal and should be treated accordingly.

During my daily trek, the chatter on the grapevine is not so much about expelling the ‘illegals” it’s the way the Haitian community is being treated and how they are being singled out.

Also, there is no disputing that a minority of them who stick out like a sore thumb are bringing their community into ill repute by their conduct.

Now is the time to remind them that as sojourners in our country they should conform to our standards and not vice versa.

Nevertheless, instead of condemning all of them because of the few we should be praying that their country quickly regains some semblance of normalcy so they can return and start to rebuild.

– Anthony Pratt

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