‘We don’t have any water’

Dear Editor,

If the media reports, social and published, are correct, the statement “we don’t have any water” must have been the most disheartening words imaginable to the victims of the recent fire that destroyed or damaged 10 homes and displaced and rendered homeless dozens of people.

I can only imagine the temporary relief and joy that these residents, who were frantically dousing the fires with water buckets, must have experienced when they heard the sirens of the awaited fire trucks, only to be subsequently shocked and dismayed when they heard those words.

I confess that I may be ignorant about the duties and responsibilities of the Royal Bahamas Fire Department or its lack of the proper facilities, but I question, why send trucks that did not have water?

Why send officers who were unaware of the locations of fire hydrants or if they were operable? Why were the hydrants inoperable or without water?

I also ask questions about the duties and activities of the officers when they are at work but there are no fires. Shouldn’t there be a responsibility during these down times to ensure and reassure that all trucks have water and all fire hydrants are operable and have water, for when such occasions occur?

I certainly don’t wish to politicize these things, or even cast blame on the administration or decision makers, but I am confident that like me, the public and especially the victims are confused and disappointed. They should receive an immediate explanation.

Arnold F. Bain Jr. 

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