We must eliminate wasteful spending

Dear Editor,

It seems as if politicians can’t seem to tell the difference between wants and needs when it comes to spending the taxpayers’ money.

I am sure that many people can agree that there are many things that we want, but we should not always get something because we want it; because not everything that is wanted is always needed, and in these present circumstances needs should take priority over wants.

The new sidewalks across New Providence, in my opinion, are wasteful spending at this time.

The island has a high unemployment rate, the public hospital is out of whack and the economy is declining every day, and sidewalk fixtures are on the rise?

That’s ludicrous!

Our focus should be on what is more important, and this is what is truly in the best interest of the Bahamian people.

I am all for nice things when it comes to enhancing our island, but the question is, at what cost?

We have too many Bahamians who are joining the unemployment line, hotel workers not receiving severance pay, thousands who are still employed on reduced hours, nursing homes with bare assistance, nurses and doctors going without enough supplies and equipment, increased demands on the Department of Social Services and many families homeless, just to name a few.

We have a lot of work to do and so much is not getting done.

The government does not have enough money, but yet we are still allocating funding for things that can come later? Sidewalks in a pandemic? For what?

We’re always on lockdowns; what are we supposed to do? Take pictures?

These sidewalks serve no purpose for us and help us in no way at this time.

Whether or not this government tries to mask it, we all know the national debt is climbing and with this pandemic, the country’s deficit will increase even more.

Wasting the taxpayers’ money on relatively unimportant projects should not be accepted, and it is not a practice at this time any government should put into play.

We need a balanced budget. And in order to have that we must eliminate wasteful spending.

It is so important that every dollar be spent wisely.

— Dr. Matheo Smith

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