We must learn something from Dorian

Dear Editor,

Your editorial “Super storms require new thinking” could not have been more on point.

Many of the issues that you point out regarding zoning and building in areas clearly unsafe in a big storm, need to be considered moving forward.

Clearly, infrastructure issues must be addressed as mother nature seems to be challenging The Bahamas more and more.

Building accessible (I state this especially after I saw a picture of a woman in a wheelchair) shelters is a no-brainer.

You can’t expect the assets of Nassau to be able to handle the demands of a storm like Dorian.

Shelters and medical teams are a necessity, not a luxury. In addition, there needs to be appropriate air, sea and land support.

We should look at options and inquire what assets other countries might be able to provide The Bahamas. At the least, we should have some vehicles and helicopters to respond in such a crisis.

Civil order must be kept so ensure the safety of the population. Who handles this in such a crisis is beyond the scope of this writer but is a topic that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

What about Guardian Radio and ZNS Radio? These assets should be broadcasting more, giving needed information to the population. I know we live in an internet world, but AM radio might be a great option. (I realize I am dating myself here.)

At this juncture, I have not heard any news about the devastation in Cherokee Sound (where my mother was born). I can only assume that the devastation is similar to that on Marsh Harbour.

As I often tell my students when discussing catastrophic events in history, mother nature is indifferent to the fate of humanity.

My thoughts and prayers are with all Bahamians as the cleanup and rebuilding continue. The islands will bounce back with a focused effort by all. I am reminded of a quote from legendary basketball coach Jim Valvano: “Don’t give up; don’t ever give up.”


– Kent Manno

Budd Lake, NJ

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