We must not turn on each other

Dear Editor,

What we must not do is turn on each other.

We are all in despair and hurting and tired and traumatized.

But, we are all still Bahamians!

Have I been satisfied with the government’s response to Dorian in all aspects? Certainly not.

Would I like a more clearly articulated plan by the government? Yes.

But I will engage them and help them, not tear them down in the midst of this.

There will be ample time for review later.

But in this moment, we must focus on the broken among us.

The dead need to be dealt with as respectfully as possible.

Those at ground zero need to be given relief and removed where possible.

Those who have lost their homes need shelter.

Those who have lost loved ones need comfort.

Those survivors suffering from guilt need a hug.

The hungry need to be fed.

The first responders need to be thanked.

The international and local relief agencies need faster facilitation. And we must keep our economy thriving by reminding the world that there are still vast areas of our Bahamaland waiting to welcome them.

This is what we must do in this moment.

Constructive criticism is always necessary and welcome.

However, even I, as a politician, have no appetite for politics at this time.

Let’s just be our brother’s keeper.

– Chester Cooper, Exumas and Ragged Island MP, PLP deputy leader

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