We must reject racist policies

Dear Editor,

In an article published elsewhere, a local columnist wrote, “We must ban all Bahamians from all foreign travel for the next six months. However, rich white visitors who still want to come here and can prove they are free of the virus should be allowed to bring themselves and their money into this country.”

The author went on to concede that the statement is racist, but she is unapologetic in making her racist suggestion to the government.

The publication of this article is shocking on every conceivable level.

White supremacy is an evil, insidious doctrine which promotes a great lie that whites are superior to all others. Implicit in the author’s “whites only” suggestion is the belief that being white is a characteristic that should confer special privileges, to the disadvantage of non-whites.

One can succinctly argue that the author wishes to introduce (or rather restore) racial apartheid.

The equality of all persons, irrespective of their race, is a central tenet of our constitutional democracy.

Today, we continue to fight against discrimination against non-whites and white privilege.

The direct, unapologetic promotion of discrimination works to erode the progress made over these past centuries to eliminate this evil from our society. Racism and white supremacy, however rationalized, are abhorrent and must be condemned.

I pray that the author acknowledges the error of her ways, condemns white supremacy and withdraws her invitation for the government to introduce racist policies.

  A Bahamian against racism

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