We need a Nygard commission of inquiry

Dear Editor,

I would fully support a commission of inquiry into the allegations of political corruption in relation to the Peter Nygard matter in The Bahamas.

In the past, commissions were launched in response to negative international publicity and allegations that ran the risk of affecting the reputation of The Bahamas, and the same thing is happening again now.

Of course, Nygard is innocent until proven guilty of the other terrible crimes he is being accused of, but The Bahamas must look out for itself and either clear its name of the corruption charges that have been broadcast for all the world to see, or root out and denounce any local politicians who were involved, if that is found to be the case.

We cannot afford to be made out to be ground zero for corruption and a nation for sale once again.

Sadly, the opposition PLP is against such a commission of inquiry. On one level this is not surprising.

Still, I believe this is a big mistake. They must remember that the public is watching, and right now Nygard’s name is tied to the PLP, for better or worse. He is their number one supporter and a campaign donor and they cannot run away from it.

I saw a statement in which PLP Chairman Fred Mitchell blamed the whole thing on a foreign conspiracy against the PLP, not even pausing to have a word of sympathy for the Bahamian victims of the horrendous abuse that has been alleged. All Mitchell seems to care about is saving the political skin of the PLP.

As for the governing FNM, all this is happening on its watch.

It would look very bad for them to stand idly by and let the good name of The Bahamas be dragged through the mud once again. During the election campaign, they claimed to be the anti-corruption party and now is their chance to prove it.

I believe the FNM should immediately launch a commission of inquiry into the doings of Peter Nygard in The Bahamas. And the PLP should fully support it. If anything that Fred Mitchell says is true, then the PLP should have absolutely nothing to hide.

Ricardo Johnson

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