We need more testing for COVID-19

Dear Editor,

It gives me great pleasure to present to the nation my view on this COVID-19 pandemic and my thoughts on testing for the virus and the wearing of masks in public places and businesses.

COVID-19 testing slows down the transmission of the virus as the infected person tested would know that he or she is positive for the virus.

That person would likely be more careful around family; this could save lives, so not testing adequately is extremely dangerous for the country .

Masks cannot stop the transmission of the coronavirus 100 percent, but the reality is they also slow down the transmission of the virus.

So I urge the healthcare and political leaders to increase testing.

Simply forcing the people to stay home is an uneducated and arrogant response without a real reason and a highly detailed response for all to understand.

Leaders must be more forthcoming to the nation.

— James Edwards

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