We need regulations to control the signs everywhere

Dear Editor,

I agree 100 percent with the letter writer, Monkeydoo.

The once beautiful sea vista at Montagu is marred by the tacky billboards erected by public and private sector entities.

These billboards are garbage. The garbage continues across the street to the litter-strewn privately-owned lot under the shadow of the EyeWitness News billboard. 

These oversized plywood billboards are an eyesore. They cheapen the environment and reflect poorly on the park and surrounding areas. 

How is it that people are allowed to erect these ugly, oversized billboards willy-nilly and destroy an exquisite waterfront view?

It is a national disgrace and neither Bahamians nor the many tourists who frequent the area should have to confront it.

What happened to the promised crackdown against billboards by the Department of Public Works and the Bahamas Public Parks and Public Beaches Authority?

All talk, no action.

We were told the authorities would not tolerate this often-called ‘ghetto’ form of advertising.

If they can’t deal with it, find someone who can.


– Athena Damianos

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