We need strong action on illegal immigration

Dear Editor,

A country as small as we are, and with the limited resources we have, cannot absorb the numbers of illegal immigrants who are entering our country.

Hence, our laws have been studied, circumvented, manipulated and defeated in its present state by many migrants who have become citizens and who have an agenda within our system due to their ethnic ties or other interests.

Due to our failure as a country crippled by corruption in our governments, our law enforcement agencies, and the slackness of some in our citizenry, we now face a changing Bahamas.

We blame the immigrants, but we don’t look at our failed and failing laws, and the enforcement of our laws.

We must do the following immediately to protect ourselves and our country as we know it.

1. Being born here should not entitle you to citizenship. As a matter of policy, we should be prepared to say no. Change the constitution immediately.

2. Bring back the foreign police and defense force on contract for a three to five-year stint and cleanse our armed services. Israel is the best place to hire them from. 

3. Start locking up Bahamians who aid and abet this treasonous act. LOCK THEM UP just how we hunted politicians after the last election. Use the same zeal to reshape our failed immigration department.

4. We love to talk about the Singapore model. Well, let’s follow it as it relates to immigration, corruption and crime. NO MORE SHANTYTOWNS. Singapore did what many human rights groups today would take them to court over, but look at Singapore now.

5. Finally, I have no issue with legal migration. It’s a natural way of life, but our generation of so-called Bahamians had better wake the hell up or you had better go learn your second language and your new national anthem because “the quiet revolution” is in full effect.

– Anthony Bostwick

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