We should appreciate disaster relief efforts

Dear Editor,

Further to Lynn Holowesko’s letter about the amazing hurricane disaster response at Odyssey Aviation, another extraordinary operation was taking place at White Crown Aviation and the North Eleuthera Airport.

Reps from government agencies and NGOs and private citizens joined hands to offer hurricane evacuees transport, clothes, food, comfort and assistance in every form and in a most organized manner.

Private boaters from Nassau, the Berry Islands, Spanish Wells and Harbour Island (and I’m sure other islands) risked their lives on the turbulent seas to rescue hurricane victims.

The support from the local and international communities and the governments of other countries has been overwhelming. There are too many good deeds and acts of heroism to list in this forum.

The Bahamas government and NEMA have really shown their mettle, especially given our country’s limited resources and the magnitude of the destruction.

They, along with so many private volunteers, NGOs and friends from abroad, have worked tirelessly – the prime minister pressing on without a break despite a painful personal loss.

It must be discouraging to hear the unjust criticism and stupid rumors fueled by a core of malcontents, including what would appear to be a small segment of the so-called “media,” social media misfits and political mischief-makers.

As Holowesko said: All fair-minded Bahamians should be encouraged to appreciate what has been done, to use our time and energy in a positive manner, to assist those in need, to lift up our people and give us all hope for the future.

– Athena Damianos

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