We should take a stand for the betterment of country

Dear Editor,

Please permit me space in your paper to make a clarion call to my peers and those whose eyes may stumble across my words to wake up.

I note with great interest the support from our countrymen given to our brothers and sisters to the north who are engaged in the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLMM).

While this fight is indeed a noble one, I can’t help but wonder why so many of us are silent when it comes to the need to fight for our brothers and sisters who reside in our beautiful country.

Our fight isn’t to a large extent against police brutality as it is in the United States, but rather it is against the political decisions that have been made that have adverse effects on our very own.

When it comes to the BLMM, many have taken to the streets to protest against what they see as grave injustices, poor political policies and a lack of accountability from those in positions of power.

Some have risked their job, lucrative contracts (both private and public), freedom, etc., all in an effort to fight against the injustices that permeate their society.

NBA players have added a new dimension to this BLMM by going so far as withdrawing from playoff games.

This bold move will lead to not only financial losses for these players, but to even greater losses for some even wealthier than them.

The position taken by these players required them to be prepared to sacrifice; to forgo money, endorsements and potential future earnings in an effort to fight against wrongs and to bring awareness to an even greater cause!

To my peers and those who may be reading, I ask the following:

When will we be prepared to do the same?

When will we realize that our blind loyalty to the political party that our parents supported may not be in the best interest of our country?

Can we ask ourselves if our views would be different if the decisions we see being made today were made by the political party we didn’t vote for?

Are we contributing to the building of a just society when we don’t hold those who got our vote to an even higher stand than their opponents?

Are we prepared to take a stand; to make sacrifices even if it brings about a loss on income or a contract, or naysayers?

We must be ever mindful that those who make decisions today on our behalf do so for a Bahamas that we will have to live in when they are no longer here.

We cannot be afraid to take a stand and to put aside our political affiliation if need be.

There are many who have gone on to their eternal reward, who fought valiantly to ensure that we have the ability to peacefully take to the streets if we must to be the voice for the voiceless.

There are many out there who are depending on us to plead their cause. Are we ready to answer the call to fight for this cause?

Torez B. Hanna

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