We will rebuild after Dorian

Dear Editor,

Today, we remember our fellow Bahamians who lost their lives to Hurricane Dorian and we comfort the families who are grieving.

Hurricane Dorian’s landfall has devastated communities up and down in Abaco, and currently in Grand Bahama. This tragedy is demanding massive rescue, recovery and rebuilding efforts.

There will be many homes to rebuild and businesses to reopen, but this hurricane has come as a reminder of the strength and resilience of the Bahamian people.

I’m thankful thus far to the first responders who have acted with heroism, strangers lending a helping hand and entire communities coming together, especially in a time to heal. There’s more work ahead for Abaco and Grand Bahama, but that’s the spirit with which we will need to continue for our fellow Bahamians who still need a hand.

With the rebuilding effort, I know roads, bridges, hospitals and businesses are coming back stronger than before. And without question, this is who we are as Bahamians; we take care of our own.

We leave nobody behind!

Destruction has come and it has caused grief, but we still stand strong as a country, as Bahamians, whether near or far!

Our flag may be torn, but we are not broken! And I’m happy as a Bahamian on the road to recovery for all of our affected brothers and sisters!

– Dr. Matheo Smith

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