Weathering perilous times

Dear Editor,

The challenge that faces us today, in this historic moment of change, is not how to avoid it, but how to surrender to it, to accept it.

All of creation is ruled by immutable laws, and these laws are driven by cause and effect.

Nature expresses these laws in its conduct, and its execution is proportional to the accumulated cause.

Nature is also ruled by cycles, and cycles of nature are dictated by time.

When it is time for the sun to rise, the night must end, seasons must come and go and come again.

So, when you see nature speak through pestilence and storms, you must look to the higher principle behind it, and see its pattern, gleam its truth.

Mankind has reaped the wind in its departure from truth.

We have treated the planet with impunity, with neglect, with ignorance, with greed.

We never once considered her to be a living thing, the source of our material existence, the mother of our physical lives.

We have made her nothing more than a resource, a dump, an afterthought.

We have allowed profit and selfish indulgence to blind us from our travesty, deafen us to her cries.

We have allowed the greed of the few to define the choices of the many.

We have abdicated our responsibility as planetary stewards, and have plunged head on toward a crisis of our own making.

For did we think that nature would not respond, not defend herself?

A season has passed, and another cycle has begun. The law of cause and effect is precise. It is fair.

We are reaping in proportion what we have sown.

If the fates seem cruel, it is our perspective that is wrong, for nature cannot be judged as we are.

Nature seeks balance in all things, and when she moves to restore it, we must receive that lesson with understanding and acceptance.

Destructive behavior, that is stubborn and unyielding, always requires more severe forms of punishment to bring about the necessary reforms.

To become compliant with nature, we must each look deeply into our hearts, and confront the seed of self-indulgent inhumanity that has allowed us to ignore the needs of our fellow man and the planet.

We must surrender to change, and allow the emotion of that experience to reach our core, so that we become transformed by it.

We must seek a new relationship with all that is, to be in harmony with nature and with each other.

Only then will we be able to join the earth as she moves forward in her new cycle, taking us along, chastised and enlightened, as partners in the future that awaits.

This is the moment at hand in which we find ourselves.

This is the moment that we must embrace as we strive to weather these perilous times.

May we rise to the challenge and bring a new humanity to the fore.

May we embrace the change within our hearts and become the compassionate and caring people that the planet deserves.

And may God bless you and keep you safe.

Peace and strength to all!

Dr. Tyrone Bartlett

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