Weeks after Dorian, TS Karen may impact central Bahamas

The Department of Meteorology is carefully watching Tropical Storm Karen, which may impact the central Bahamas within the next five days, Senior Deputy Director Jeffrey Simmons said yesterday. Simmons said Karen had weakened since dumping rains and winds of 40 miles per hour over Puerto Rico on Tuesday.

“It’s still continuing to move toward the north,” he said.

“It’s now a weaker tropical storm, almost a tropical depression, but the model is still indicating that Karen will continue to move to the north. Then, on Saturday it will begin a more southwest track.”

When Karen does move towards The Bahamas, Long Island, Cat Island, San Salvador, Rum Cay and possibly Exuma may be in its path.

Those islands, he said, can expect a lot of rain beginning this coming Sunday, which will continue until next Tuesday.

“We are going to continue to monitor the storm very closely to ensure that it holds to what the models have projected,” he said.

“If there is any significant change with regard to strengthening as it approaches the islands of The Bahamas, we will be in a position to give adequate warning.”

Depending on the system’s progression, Simmons said the department could begin issuing warnings for the central and the southeastern Bahamas by Friday evening.

He said that Tropical Storm Karen is not a system that is easy to predict, and it requires the department to keep a close watch on its activity and progression.

He said that a worst-case scenario is that it will affect the islands of the central Bahamas as a tropical storm.

Portions of Abaco and Grand Bahama were flattened after Hurricane Dorian smashed into those islands earlier this month.

Dorian, the strongest hurricane to ever make landfall in The Bahamas, left at least 53 people dead and, at last report, 600 people missing.

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