Welcoming the govt’s plans for governance

Dear Editor,

I warmly applaud Prime Minister the Hon. Phillip Davis for having the vision and foresight to adopt so many of The Bahamas Constitution Party’s (BCP’s) principles as laid out in our “Blueprint for Governing the Commonwealth of the Bahamas”, and for presenting them so beautifully in the Speech from the Throne by His Excellency, the Governor General Sir  C. A. Smith during the recent Opening of Parliament.

We particularly commend the prime minister for reaching across political divides, as promised, to secure and enact the best principles and policies for stimulating the economic redevelopment of our great country and empowering our people.

As a model, servant leadership is a fundamental tenet of the BCP, and it is our vision for good governance.

We also espoused a decent wage to ensure that every worker in this country can work with dignity and expect a wage that maintains a decent quality of life.

These principles are consistent with “leaving no one behind”, according to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals pledge.

Although the BCP is officially on a 100-day Sabbatical until January 2022, we thought it would have been remiss of us not to express our appreciation for the prime minister’s political largeness. So, we wish to express thanks to the prime minister and say that he has made us proud by confirming the BCP’s importance to the overall success of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

You can read the BCP’s blueprint online at:


Dione Pratt 

Secretary general

Bahamas Constitution Party

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