We’re all in this together

Dear Editor,

Nothing that follows in this writing should be new to you. Please read on anyway. At the end of this, you can determine if you’re a part of the problem or the solution.

Everything has a price, and one of the best pricing systems is based upon balance. You do a day’s work, you get a day’s pay. Transpose that equation into virtually any situation and there should be no problem. When you expect a day’s pay, without a day’s work, the stage is set for problems.

Relating that general principle to The Bahamas, where the government, or the Lord, is supposed to take care of everything, seems to have brought the nation to the precipice of abysmal disaster.

Resetting that mindset of dependence, even after so many years of independence, is bound to be a tremendous task. Still, there appears to be no other way to realistically survive in either the near or distant future, barring some unforeseen miracle.

A more realistic approach to safely sailing the rough seas of this 21st century is changing that foreboding course, and guiding our ship of state by sacrifices and consequences.

Presently, much turmoil and disconcertion abound based on problems related to massive shortages of electrical supplies. That is but one of several perennial problems in The Bahamas which require significant long-term solutions. The blame game might be an exciting past-time, but has zero chance of producing any positive results. Positive results are what we so desperately need.

History, as well as so many current events, are replete with examples of rewards achieved through hard work and sacrifice. Having your cake and eating it too is not an option. Rewards without works prove to be disasters just waiting to happen. Clearly, balance in all things will prove beneficial in this Bahamas, as sure as night follows day.

So, what are you and the rest of The Bahamas prepared to pay or sacrifice for a constant, effective electrical system, among other needs, for the nation? Where will the money come from to correct all that needs fixing? Then, once a course is charted to overcome those significant challenges facing the nation, what would be the consequences for those not complying with the requisite actions? Who wouldn’t go for a deal whereby pay is issued whether you work, or not work? Why work?

This much is true. Unless Bahamians come together and work collectively to solve the problems that are afflicting this nation, things will only go from bad to worse.

“When the rain falls, it don’t fall on one man’s house …”, I’ve heard.

So, despite whatever detachments or advantages a particular individual or group might have, when this ship of state sinks, we all will be going under. Even with a precious life raft, could anyone keep everyone else out? Like it or not, we’re all in this together. Honestly now, are you a part of the solution, or not?



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