What about the Clarence A. Bain Building?

Dear Editor,

Talk about prayers being answered, well for me the fact that the government is supposedly going to demolish the old Road Traffic building that once housed the department of labor for many years is welcome news to my ears.

The Clarence A. Bain Building has been sitting empty and destitute for about three years now. The former administration had said it was slated for demolition but were voted out of office before this could be done. As far as I am concerned it doesn’t matter to me which administration gets it done, all I know is it’s time for that building to go.

My only concern in the demolition of the building is that whoever is awarded the contract is not only credible and reliable, but also has knowledge of the way in which the building should be taken down. As a resident of the area and small business owner, I am a bit concerned that whoever is given the job is knowledgeable about asbestos, mold remediation and removal. I know for a fact that that building, just like the post office, is a health hazard. They were both built in the late 50s or early 60s, so there is no doubt that lead pipes were used for plumbing.

As in the case of the old Crystal Palace, which was sitting in the right place for an implosion-type demolition, the weather was perfect, the wind was right and so imploding a building of that magnitude was fine. In the case of the Clarence A. Bain Building I would like to think that the company responsible will do its due diligence and do a proper environment impact assessment (EIA), to properly determine the best way forward for the environment and those who would be affected in the surrounding areas.

One should know that should you implode a building like Clarence Bain, the negative impact to the environment could be irreversible and catastrophic to say the least. If asbestos and mold were to get into the water table and atmosphere due to an implosion, we could see harm to communities like Yellow Elder, Mt. Moriah, Chippingham and the Farrington Road community. And let’s not forget that there are also restaurants, schools and other local business in that area that could be affected if an implosion went wrong.

While I do support the government’s effort to save taxpayers as much money as possible, I also do support the fact of getting it right the first time and not after an environmental disaster. So Mr. Contractor or Mr. Demolisher, can you please do the residents, the students and business owners of that immediate area a huge favor? Can you see to it that all Ts are crossed and all Is are dotted before you play Russian roulette with peoples’ lives because we do not need another Rubis debacle whereas the former government said nothing for a whole year before they finally admitted that there was a an environmental incident in the Marathon constituency.

Please, let us have a responsible team of experts who are properly licensed to handle asbestos and mold remediation and that the public’s health at large is put first and not the almighty dollar. As my grandfather used to say, “ Do it right or do it twice”.

Please Mr. Minister and Mr. Demolisher, let’s do it right.

– Concerned business owner


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