What is the matter with the airport in Grand Bahama?

Dear Editor,

It has been two years since the domestic portion of the airport for the island of Grand Bahama has been demolished by Hurricane Dorian. While Minister of Tourism, Investments and Aviation Chester Cooper is right in his assertions to improve Junkanoo Beach, the restoration of this airport is far more important and is being neglected in my opinion.

The last time the public was notified about the status of this airport was in April of this year. The year is now ending and still no announcements have been made about what is the next step in rebuilding. This is disgraceful and extremely concerning.

The physical exterior of this dilapidated structure is appalling and a horrible misrepresentation of Grand Bahamians and the way we pride ourselves. Also, the limited resources have made traveling burdensome. The residents of Grand Bahama have tolerated these aggravating circumstances for far too long and deserve to know the government’s intentions.

As Grand Bahamians, we are tired of witnessing the dilapidated airport and being constantly reminded of the pain and suffering we endured during that horrible storm. As the government, it is your responsibility to help us move forward and rebuild. However, it appears that restoring the airport, which is a vital step in completing this goal of healing has become a matter of unimportance. All in all, hearing the minister of tourism and aviation advocate for Junkanoo Beach to be improved when no noticeable effort has been made to restore an airport that has been depleting for over two years puzzles me.

– Talia Burrows

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