What is the PLP’s plan for Long Island?

Dear Editor,

When will the Progressive Liberal Party’s candidate for Long Island Tyrel Young address the people of Long Island?

Young has not uttered a word to the general public of Long Island, so is he expecting to win off of PLP Leader Philip Brave Davis’ few utterances?

The people of Long Island are asking Tyrel Young to speak on his plans for Long Island and Long Islanders.

Long Islanders have always been revered as hardworking, book smart and an independent set of people.

For years, Long Island has been a strong hold for the Free National Movement, which carries and lives by the “red and ain’t scared” motto, guaranteeing a sure red seat for the FNM.

MP Adrian Gibson has been branded as Long Island’s all-time greatest MP, with a track record to prove it, even beating out former Long Islanders who ran on the FNM tickets of time passed.

Long Island gone gold, crabs crawling is the narrative being spun, but Long Island has never birthed a set of gullible people yet.

Long Islanders are known to be head strong and not easy to swing.

Where is the PLP’s record of accomplishments for Long Island?

Where is the record of accomplishments from the PLP leader, who is the MP for Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador?

We are a day away from the election and there is nothing to show the people of Long Island. Nothing from the PLP and not one word from the PLP candidate.

The only thing that the PLP is showing for Long Island is “crabs crawling”, music blaring up and down Queen’s Highway, people becoming super COVID spreaders and just eating up free food and drinking up free rum, but no plan.

What does the PLP candidate for Long Island have to say to the Long Island people about his plans for Long Island?

How can I cast a vote for someone, like Young when I don’t even know his plans for Long Island’s future?

Philippa Cartwright

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