‘Who are we!’ – Kalik wants to know

Kalik wants to know who you are with its latest campaign “Who Are We!” which encompasses the release of limited edition Kalik beer 16-ounce cans featuring various Junkanoo groups, and production of a documentary to be screened later this month that will provide insight into the world of Junkanoo, showcasing every aspect of the process from start to Bay Street.

Kalik beer launched the campaign which focuses on highlighting Junkanoo while bridging the gap between the traditionalist and Millennials on November 4. Roots, the Saxons, the Valley Boys and One Family are featured on 16-ounce Kalik beer cans and bottles; Genesis, Prodigal Sons and Music Makers will be featured on Kalik beer bottles only.

“The goal of this campaign is to educate persons on Junkanoo and bring more attention to the art form while showing the intricate details that go into the production of the elaborate costumes, music and everything else it entails,” said Jared Cartwright, Kalik beer brand representative at Commonwealth Brewery Limited.

“We also wanted to use this as an opportunity to attract the Millennials and encourage them to become more involved in our culture and keep Junkanoo alive for years to come.”

Kalik beer is no stranger to the Junkanoo world, as its name has a direct link to the sound of the cowbell, and the brand has been intrinsically involved in the positive promotion of the iconic cultural festival.

“We are excited about this initiative that the Kalik marketing team came up with,” said Andrew Edwards, a director on Roots Junkanoo group’s executive board. “It is an honor for us to be featured. It shows that Kalik recognizes the importance of the Roots Junkanoo group in the Junkanoo community and the cans will assist us with promoting and building our fan base. Our group’s mascot is the lion, and lions are leaders… This is how we see ourselves. The fact that our mascot is displayed on the cans is truly an honor.”

Toby Austin, the Saxons Superstars chairman, said for the mighty head of the Saxons to be featured on a Kalik beer can was the epitome of distinction and prominence, as well as authenticity of what it means to be Bahamian.

And as Junkanoo is the greatest show on earth, he said, the partnership with Kalik was mutually important to the longevity of the culture of Junkanoo.

“Someone has to tell the story. Junkanoo is an art form and a cultural staple that will die if we do not have industry partnerships like Kalik to propel us forward,” said Austin.

Brian Adderley, chairman of the Valley Boys, said his group was thrilled to be a part of the campaign.

“We believe that the spirit of Junkanoo can be found in every Bahamian – and in the Valley Boys this spirit is manifested in the pride we put into all of our Junkanoo activities. We call it ‘Valley Pride’. We embrace all opportunities to promote Junkanoo because we believe Junkanoo is under-promoted and consequently underappreciated. The release of these cans is good for us as a group and good for Junkanoo as a whole.”

Anthony Coakley, One Family public relations and events coordinator, said being featured on the limited edition Kalik can meant that One Family was recognized as one of the elite groups of Junkanoo.

“Kalik is once again shining a big promotional spotlight on our most recognized cultural expression and One Family is proud to be a part of this historic moment,” said Coakley.

He said One Family is a community that appreciates culture and traditions, the things that make their organization uniquely Bahamian.

“Kalik has again taken the lead in promoting and supporting the Junkanoo groups; presenting us via this new medium adds more promotional value to our brands and we are excited to be a part of it.”

The limited edition can will be available until January 31, 2020.

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