Why Bahamians should be worried about the FNM campaign

Dear Editor,

I think any Bahamian of decency and value should be worried about what seems to be a campaign by the Free National Movement, which is devoid of policy announcements and accomplishments after almost four years in office and which seems to be devoted to mud-slinging and “ad hominem” attacks.

This is worrying, and as a person of no direct political persuasion, I am concerned about the damage that is being done and its possible repercussions.

Progressive Liberal Party Leader Philip Brave Davis at a recent press conference pointed out that there were some 11 Facebook and other sites solely dedicated to spewing garbage about the opposition. He asked the pertinent question, is this because they do not have a record to run on?

I think any reasonable person/voter can immediately see through the garbage and make the important decision to shut it out as being sheer garbage, as this is how unbelievable the fake news become.

What is so sad about this particular turn of events is that it was tried with success in 2017.

The FNM after nearly four years of governance has failed miserably. The Bahamian people know that the game is up.

The real facts are that the cupboard is bare. There is nothing left in the cupboard, and so thousands are in misery and despair.

One would have thought that this situation should be the overriding concern of the party in power rather than falsehoods and character assassination.

If we can learn a lesson from our neighbors to the north and the recent crisis that almost wrecked their democracy, it is that falsehoods, lies, conspiracy and slander have real consequence.

The lies spread by Trump and his followers proved deadly and almost derailed the democracy of a rich and powerful country.

We in The Bahamas should take a page from these recent events; and given the fragility of our societal norms, we should seek to take a different route rather than spew garbage and hate.

There are some serious issues that our nation needs to address, not have hate-mongers play games for fun.

The real focus for us should be to restore our economy and heal the breaches in our society and focus on a bright future.

Yours truly,

“You fool me once; you will not fool me twice”

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