Witness in murder case claims police forced her to implicate accused

A woman called as a prosecution witness in a murder case claimed police officers forced her to implicate the accused.

Lakeisha Demeritte made the claim while testifying yesterday at the murder trial of Victoria Gibson.

Prosecutors say Gibson, who’s on bail and wearing an ankle monitor, fatally stabbed Terenova Stubbs at Potter’s Cay Dock on March 31, 2017.

Gibson has denied the allegation at her trial before Justice Gregory Hilton.

Demeritte testified that she was at the dock with the accused and others when a fight erupted.

According to Demeritte, she was away from the melee when Stubbs came to where she was standing with another man.

She recalled that Stubbs was gasping for air and “spouting blood”.

Demeritte said she prayed with him and told him that he would be okay. She said that while tending to Stubbs, his blood soiled her clothing.

Demeritte insisted that she did not see who mortally wounded Stubbs.

She said police had threatened to charge her if she didn’t say it was Gibson.

She claimed that Officer Sonny Miller, whom she had known all her life, had threatened her into making the false statement.

Gibson’s lawyer, Brendalee Rae, asked Demeritte if she had sworn two affidavits disavowing her witness statement to police.

When Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions Basil Cumberbatch questioned Demeritte about the affidavit, she admitted that she had claimed that it was Officer Jamaal Evans who had threatened her into making the false statement.

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