Woman, 19, shot to death

Victim was at Arawak Cay

A 19-year-old graduate of Anatol Rodgers High School was yesterday identified as the woman police said was shot and killed at Arawak Cay around 1:45 a.m. yesterday, by a male wearing a hooded jacket.

Candice Clarke was murdered three weeks before her 20th birthday, her best friend, Halleyandrea Feliz, told The Nassau Guardian.

Police said the victim was with another woman when the assailant approached her and shot her multiple times before fleeing the scene.

Minister of National Security Wayne Munroe said he was informed that police recovered 14 fired 40 caliber pistol cartridge cases from the scene.

“It would appear that the gunman must have emptied the firearm on the young woman,” Munroe said. 

“As I said, the police will investigate. They will ascribe a motive. It will either be something directed, which one would think may be something domestic, or a dispute resolution issue.”

Feliz, meanwhile, questioned why anyone would want to kill her friend.

“It hurts because why would someone want to do that to her? She didn’t deserve to die that way,” she said.

“It’s disgusting that someone could pick up a gun and have no care in the world of taking someone’s life.

“I feel like police should be [in] these places working – all these places many men with guns go. I feel like the police force should be more aware. They’re supposed to protect us, supposed to keep watch.”

Feliz said she and Clarke were best friends since the sixth grade.

They graduated from high school together in 2020, she said.

Feliz said they last spoke at 1:06 p.m. on Saturday.

When asked to describe that conversation, she replied, “Laughter and joy. That’s always us. She told me how she ordered me and my sister a chain with my nephew on it who passed away.”

Feliz said a friend woke her up yesterday to tell her about Clarke’s death – news she did not want to accept.

“I was in shock,” she said. “I didn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it.”

Feliz said Clarke was kind, loving and respectful. She said she devoted her life to being her “sisters’ superman”.

“Nobody’s perfect, but I can say she was a true friend, indeed,” Feliz said.

“She’ll never be forgotten as long as I am living. I will carry her with me. She was a person [who] would give you her last. If you don’t have it, she’ll give you what she has and then try to get for herself.

“Everyone who’s close to her knows that she would do everything just to make people happy. I know my best friend don’t take foolishness and she don’t take disrespect. She would defend herself and others. That heart will forever live on.”

Clarke is the 102nd murder victim so far this year.

Last night, police reported yet another murder. Police said a man was axed to death during a fight with another man at Kenilworth Street, off Mt. Royal Avenue. The attacker was later killed by police.

Munroe said earlier yesterday if The Bahamas does not deal with the escalating murder situation, it will continue to happen.

He said society has to determine that “we have had enough” to address it.

Police said yesterday evening there was no new information in relation to Clarke’s murder.

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