Woman charged with causing public terror

A woman was charged yesterday with causing public terror because of a Facebook video she made.

Businesswoman Ra’Queisha McPhee, 26, and her 27-year-old friend Marque Beckford Jr., appeared before Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes on Thursday.

Prosecutors allege that the pair made a video threatening robbery due to the COVID-19 restrictions on April 15 in McPhee’s business, Que Tacos.

Marque Beckford Jr. is escorted into court yesterday.

McPhee alone faced charges of causing public terror and obscene and violent language.

Prosecutors say that McPhee, while using her cell phone and the internet, threatened to rob individuals within the community due to COVID-19 restrictions on her business.

As for the obscene and violent language charge, McPhee is accused of using obscene and violent language to provoke Beckford to breach the peace.

Beckford denied the charges outright. However, McPhee said that she accepted some of the particulars in the charges but disagreed with others. 

Forbes told her that she had to agree with the allegations in their totality for him to accept a guilty plea.

McPhee pleaded not guilty.

Prosecuting Sergeant Kenny Thompson did not object to bail.

Forbes set bail at $1,000 each with a surety. Under their bail terms, the pair must wear ankle monitors and are prohibited from associating with each other. They are also required to abide by the national curfew.

The accused asked the court if they were forbidden from using cell phones while on bail.

The magistrate said, “If I were you, given the charges which are currently being proffered by the state against you…I would be a little more cautious with my use of a cell phone and my commentary on social media.”

McPhee and Beckford return to court on October 6 for the start of their trial.

The accused were unrepresented at the arraignment.


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