Woman convicted of murder 

It took a jury 30 minutes to unanimously convict Nadisha Beckford of the murder of her girlfriend.

Beckford sat emotionless in the prisoner’s dock as the jury foreman announced the nine-member panel’s decision Tuesday afternoon.

In contrast to Beckford’s stoic demeanor, the mother of the victim, Lakeisha Mackey, cried tears of apparent joy.

At the penalty phase of the trial, which is scheduled to begin on September 6, Beckford could face up to 60 years in prison.

Beckford did not deny inflicting the stab wounds that caused Mackey’s death.

However, she claimed that she acted in lawful self defense during a confrontation between the lovers in the parking lot of the Mayfair Hotel on February 20, 2021.

The jury did not accept Beckford’s claim of self defense, which would have entitled her to an acquittal.

In her summation, presiding judge Renae McKay told the jurors that they could also consider a manslaughter verdict, if they accepted that Beckford was provoked.

According to the prosecution, Beckford, a Jamaican who is married to a Bahamian, went to the Mayfair Hotel with a friend, known as Ling Ling.

Mackey, with whom she had a tumultuous relationship, lived upstairs.

Beckford went to Mackey’s apartment, but Mackey ordered her to leave.

Her boyfriend also told Beckford to leave and he threatened to call the police.

Beckford left the apartment, but she remained on the grounds. Mackey came downstairs and once again asked Beckford to leave.

Prosecution witnesses allege that she dragged Mackey and sat on her.

Her friend, Ling Ling, who had been seen with a knife in her pocket, allegedly walked over and left, and when Beckford got off of Mackey, she was suffering from stab injuries and her throat had been slit.

She died from those injuries two days later despite receiving medical intervention.

Shortly after the stabbing, one of their mutual friends called Beckford and secretly recorded the conversation.

In the recording, which was entered into evidence, Beckford said she was glad that she had sliced Mackey’s throat.

She added, “I’m a vampire; I’ll drink her (expletive) blood.”

By Beckford’s account, Mackey was the aggressor.

She claimed that Mackey threw beer bottles at her from her upstairs apartment and one of the bottles hit her on the leg.

Beckford alleged that when Mackey came downstairs, she attacked her and broke a beer bottle, which she managed to wrest from her and use to save her own life.

However, Beckford received no injuries during the alleged attack by Mackey.

Cassie Bethell prosecuted the case and public defender Dorsey McPhee represented Beckford. 

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