Woman jailed after beating child with belt

Social media personality Alesha “Car Wash” McNeil was jailed for three months after she admitted to beating an eight-year-old boy with a belt.

McNeil, 23, of Third Street, The Grove, pleaded guilty to cruelty to children, at her arraignment before Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes.

The child’s mother filed a police complaint when she discovered marks on her eight-year-old son’s back and stomach on June 5, the prosecutor Sergeant Lincoln McKenzie told the court.

The juvenile told his mother that McNeil caused the injuries on June 4, the court heard.

When interviewed by police, McNeil told the officers that she had beaten the child with a belt, but his father had caused the injuries.

In explaining her actions, McNeil claimed that the child’s father gave her permission to discipline him.

McNeil said that she was teaching the boy “how to read and write.”

She alleged that the child’s father told her, “Baby, if he don’t learn, beat him.”

McNeil said that her mother had disciplined her in a similar manner when she was younger.

However, she admitted that she would “feel some type of way”, if she were in the same position as the child’s mother.

Forbes said in his view, the father was “complicit” in her actions and should have been charged too.

“To my mind, he is equally responsible because he had no authority to give you permission to beat his child,” he said.

“If he wanted to engage in that conduct, he should have done so, and then explain it to his ex-girlfriend.”

Forbes said, “Child abuse is unacceptable.”

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Artesia Davis

Artesia primarily covers court stories, but she also writes extensively about crime.

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