Woman who threatened police ordered to apologize and attend anger management classes

A woman who threatened police on her Twitter and Facebook accounts on Sunday has been granted a conditional discharge.

Jody Miller, 21, was in tears when she made her initial court appearance before Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt on a charge of threats of death.

Miller’s remarks sparked much commentary on social media, with many calling for her arrest.

After sharing a viral video of two police officers struggling to arrest a man in the Kemp Road area on April 5, Miller commented on Facebook: “That’s only two police; they should have killed them.”

She then tweeted: “Nassau police so f*** up. I don’t know why people just don’t start killing them for nothing. Let all suffer for the guilty.”

Soon after she made the posts, officers arrested Miller at her home on Russell Drive on a charge of threats of death.

Police showed Miller her posts and asked why she wanted police officers killed.

She replied, “I saw a video this morning and I got upset, so I expressed my feeling on my social media account.

Lennox Coleby, who represented Miller, said the offensive posts had been removed.

He added that Miller apologized to officers while at the Central Detective Unit.

As a former officer himself, Coleby said that police should be “slow to act” regarding such matters, as, like politicians, officers are open to criticism.

He asked the court not to convict Miller, as it would negatively affect the university student’s future. Miller is a second-year business management student at the University of The Bahamas.

Ferguson-Pratt asked Miller why she harbored so much resentment against police.

Miller said the incident brought memories of when a policeman ignored a complaint she had made about a stalker three years ago.

Miller said the officer who took her complaint didn’t seem concerned about her wellbeing and said, “Exchange is no robbery.”

Ferguson-Pratt told Miller, “You must let nothing come between you and your integrity as a woman and your self-worth as a Bahamian, who will contribute to the development of this country.”

Ferguson-Pratt said that Miller was on the right track by pursuing tertiary education.

Ferguson-Pratt ordered Miller to apologize to all police officers on the same platforms that she made the offensive posts by April 7. Miller has to complete anger management classes and personally apologize to WPC D’andre Cadet, the officer who made the complaint, when she returns to court on August 6.

The magistrate told Miller that her disrespectful remarks were “an affront” to her femininity.

Ferguson-Pratt told Miller, “We cannot take matters in our own hands. Those of us who are privileged to be of the female gender, we do not respond in an aggressive manner.

“The second thing, we must respect police. We owe a debt of gratitude to them, particularly at his time. And they are doing a yeoman’s task, making great sacrifices, putting country above their own lives.”

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