Woman whose home was burglarized says she is in ‘absolute fear’

When Iyandra Bryan arrived at her Westridge home on Wednesday night she knew something was wrong.

Her poodle, which is usually inside her home, was roaming the yard, shaking and startled.

Then she saw that her front door was busted open. Her home had been robbed, she said, and what once seemed like a safe neighborhood was anything but.

The 34-year-old said she was gripped with fear.

She immediately called the police.

“The police came about 20 [or] 30 minutes later,” Bryan told The Nassau Guardian yesterday.

“They came armed, checked the house and did the normal assessment before they had us walk through and determine what was missing…

“Even going through the house and you see all the things that [were] stolen, you know, televisions, laptops, iPads…to me, it’s just the fear.

“You know, hearing my [eight-year-old] daughter crying, she cried for an hour straight. An hour straight she cried. She would not stop crying.”

She said her daughter has told her that she no longer wants to live in the house.

Bryan said she wasn’t able to sleep the night of the incident.

“It’s the fear because you have no door,” she said.

“You have nothing. You don’t know if anybody’s going to come back. You don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Bryan added, “You would think that, ‘Oh, this is a good neighborhood.’

“I’ve never felt safe in this neighborhood because I’ve always heard about the break-ins and the burglaries and the home invasions but this is the first time that it really hit home where it had happened to me.

“But, I never felt safe and it’s like, how do you move on from here?”

Bryan shared her story on Facebook yesterday, describing the incident as a nightmare. 

“Tonight has been a nightmare,” she wrote.

“I have known and heard about countless incidents of violence, home invasions and burglaries in Nassau. I have had friends relive stories of being held at gunpoint but I have never been so afraid. 

“I was always cautious but that cautiousness has turned to absolute fear.”

She said she intends to beef up her home security, including a burglar-barred gate on the front door.

“Immediately, we’re revamping everything just from a security perspective,” Bryan said.

“I think mid-term or long-term it’s like where do we go from here? Do we want to stay here?”

There was a 22 percent decrease in housebreakings last year.

A woman was sexually assaulted in her Coral Harbour home on Tuesday night after two men forced their way into her house, police reported.

Police said she was robbed of cash and other personal items.

There were 684 housebreakings in 2019, according to police.

This was a significant decrease when compared to 879 in 2018 and 875 in 2017.

When reached yesterday, Superintendent Shanta Knowles was unable to provide the figures for housebreakings in January of this year.

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