Woman’s body found on dirt road

The body of a woman, believed to be in her early 20s, was found atop broken pieces of wood and rubble on the side of an abandoned building on a dirt road, just off Marshall Road yesterday afternoon.

According to Assistant Superintendent Audley Peters, the woman’s head showed signs of blunt force trauma and her body was in the early stages of rigor mortis.

“Police received reports shortly after 4 p.m. that the body of a female was found unresponsive on a vacant property situated on South Creek Close, off Marshall Road,” ASP Peters said.

“First responders came to the scene and were directed to the northwestern portion of a vacant property where they found the body of a female who received blunt force injuries to the head.”

When asked who discovered the woman’s body, Peter’s replied, “The initial information is a vehicle was driving through and as a result of walking on the property, they discovered the body of the victim.”

According to Peters, the house appears partially abandoned, but said there is evidence that someone sleeps there.

Upon walking onto the property, the woman’s blood was settled on small pieces of wood and other pieces of rubble just outside of a torn mesh door.

Just inside the door is an unmade bed with the mattress exposed.

Peters said based on their investigation so far, police have an idea who they are looking for as the incident may be domestic.

“At the moment, based on what the investigators’ suggesting, they are following a lead but we still want to depend on members of the public who may have some information in respect to this to contact us,” he said.

“There’s a possibility it may be domestic based on the evidence that is lying around. There is significant information that is leading us to another direction and it seems to be very promising.”

A nearby Marshall Road resident who wished not to be identified but lived in the area for 16 years said she was left frightened after hearing that a body had been found in the area, which she considers quiet and very far from the city.

“I’ve never seen anything like this around here,” she said.

“The only dead bodies you’d find around here is when migrant bodies wash up after a catastrophe at sea.

“But that’s it. We’ve never had any murders that I know of. This area is relatively quiet. I’m being a nosey neighbor now by passing through and stopping because I see what’s going on. But you can tell that this area is quiet because none of the other neighbors are here. This is very scary.”

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