Women bowlers struggle in Las Vegas

The Bahamas’ four-member team at the 2019 World Bowling Women’s Championship continued to struggle on the lanes at the South Point Bowling Plaza in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Tuesday, falling well short of the qualifying standard for the semifinals in the respective categories.

Prior to leaving for Vegas, the quartet practiced on a regular basis at Mario’s Bowling and Family Entertainment Palace, free-of-charge.

In singles on Saturday, Tara Culmer had the highest individual finish, settling for 75th place out of 84 bowlers in her group, averaging 160.67. She had a total pinfall of 964, scoring 159 in the first block, 150 in the second, 174 in the third, 184 in the fourth, 152 in the fifth and 145 in the sixth and final block of games.

In that same group, Shanta Kerr-Richardson was 83rd, averaging 131.33. She had a total pinfall of 788, scoring 122 in the first block, 114 in the second, 172 in the third, 101 in the fourth, 154 in the fifth and 125 in the sixth and final block of games.

In the other group, Camille Burnside was 84th out of 92 bowlers, averaging 159.83. She had a total pinfall of 959, turning in scores of 163, 157, 144, 155, 179 and 161 in her six games. The other Bahamian bowler in that group, Cheryl Bevans, was 87th, averaging 153.50. She had a total pinfall of 921 and turned in scores of 167, 143, 175, 133, 136 and 167 in her six games.

In doubles on Sunday, the team of Culmer and Burnside finished 43rd out of 44 teams in their group, averaging 154.67 and with a total pinfall of 1,856. Burnside averaged 164.33 with a 986 total pinfall, and Culmer averaged 145 with a total pinfall of 870. Burnside had scores of 170, 129, 192, 155, 192 and 148. Culmer had scores of 160, 108, 179, 140, 130 and 153 in her six games.

In the other group, the team of Bevans and Kerr-Richardson were 44th out of 46 teams, averaging 146.17 and they had a total pinfall of 1,754. Bevans averaged 150.50 and had a total pinfall of 903, and Kerr-Richardson averaged 141.83 and had a total pinfall of 851. Bevans turned in scores of 167, 143, 129, 169, 125 and 170, and Kerr-Richardson had scores of 137, 119, 149, 140, 178 and 128 in her six games.

Finally, in trios on Monday, The Bahamas’ team of Burnside, Bevans and Kerr-Richardson were 59th, averaging 153.72 and with a total pinfall of 2,767. Burnside had a total pinfall of 965 and averaged 160.83 in her six games, Bevans had a total pinfall of 978 and averaged 163, and Kerr-Richardson had a total pinfall of 824 and averaged 137.33. Burnside turned in scores of 162, 179, 142, 151, 151 and 180. Bevans had scores of 144, 167, 165, 179, 154 and 169. Kerr-Richardson turned in scores of 106, 137, 149, 154, 123 and 155.

“I believe the ladies got the jitters out of their system after the first two days of competition and are kind of settling down now,” said coach and manager Tyrone Knowles, the president of the Bahamas Bowling Federation (BBF). “For the most part, they are over their regular averages which is a good thing. However, this is the best that the world has to offer, so understandably the competition is very stiff. The team tried its best to respond to the level of competition – they have taken something from every competition. They realize that they have to commit more to the game in order to improve. We look forward to better performances in the future. When you look at Cheryl and Shanta, they are new to this level of competition, so obviously they are going to experience some challenges, but the experience they would have gained from this event will only help them to improve. Overall the team is encouraged and motivated to perform better in the future. I’m comfortable with where we are and with what we have been able to accomplish so far.”

The ladies are set to compete in the team competition today. A total of 172 athletes are representing 38 countries at the event which concludes with the masters finals on Friday. The best female bowlers from around the world are competing at the global event. Interested persons can follow action live on the website

Following the World Bowling Women’s Championship, the BBF will send a senior men and a senior women’s team to the World Bowling Senior Championships, which is set for early September in Las Vegas.

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