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Dear Editor,

The statement of newly crowned Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi about women and leadership echoes throughout the globe. It is perhaps the mantra of the movement of women on the RISE!

“I think the most important thing we should be teaching young girls is leadership,” Tunzi said.

“It’s something that has been lacking in young girls and women for a very long time, not because we don’t want to but because of what society has labelled women to be. I think we are the most powerful beings in the world and we should be given every opportunity…”

Throughout history and the ages, women have played a significant and central role ensuring the stability, progress and long term development of families, communities, islands, states and nations.

Women play the largest role in the decision making concerning the family. It is the wombed-man that takes the lead in helping families adjust to new realities and challenges.

They say it is because she is the weaker vessel that the serpent visited Eve first, but I believe it speaks to her leading potential and ability that she was first approached.

Woman in Genesis 2:18 was created as the answer to man’s first problem. I reiterate, woman was created as an answer to a problem of the man.

Our femininity is not a weakness but a God-crafted answer.

I believe that if more women were embraced and engaged as leaders, we would have more problems solved all around.

What is leadership? Leadership is not a position but an ability.

It is an ability to demonstrate what is communicated or needed. Leadership is not a title but a task, a task that is backed by ability.

This is why a position does not automatically make one a leader. The leader makes the position.

Leadership is being able to influence those around you to achieve a goal or desired result. Real leadership produces desired results.

Leadership nuggets:

– Everyone is leading at a level or the other. Some lead nations, organizations, institutions, churches, families and ourselves. Leadership occurs on levels. This is why when your leadership capacity shifts, your entire life shifts.

– Strong leadership ability is a winning ability.

– Leadership is not forced but it flows. There is a natural flow of things.

– Leadership is influencing people to do what is beneficial to them, which would have not been accomplished on their own.

– Leadership is moving people from one level to another in life’s journey.

– Leadership is bringing the best out of people, enhancing their life’s values and unveiling their potentials.

Women in leadership are divinely chosen.

We are hand picked to make a difference and to be the difference. It does not mean that you are perfect but it does indicate that you persist in purpose.

Chosen does not mean you are the best. However, it does mean that you are the favored for the moment, movement and time frame at hand. To be chosen means that you show up and put your best foot forward remembering that your difference is your distinction.

Here are a few qualities strong women leaders possess:

1. Identity — You must know who you are and be comfortable in what you’ve been assigned to do. You will always find women smarter, prettier and with more money but you must be resolute in the beauty of who God made you to be. Once you know who you are, you also know where you belong and to what/who you’re assigned. Jealousy only exists where identity is unknown.

2. Uniqueness — Women leaders understand that they are distinctively different. You have no equal and you are incomparable. There is no one who compares to your uniqueness.

3. Originality — Women leaders are creative, innovative and inventive. We are too busy producing and creating to copy.

4. Distinction – You are separated from others. You are decorated with honor and achievement. Women leaders stand out without even trying. Their aura, personality, and disposition radiate.

5. Significance — Women leaders regardless of background, culture, what level of leadership they are on understand their importance and know that they carry weight and bring power to the game.

Most recently, we have Bahamian born, now Premier Charlene Cartwright-Robinson of Turks & Caicos dominating her field; the youngest female prime minister of Finland and around the world, a progressive millennial, Sanna Marin, aged 34; New Zealand’s prime minister, 39-year-old Jacinda Ardern; and 30-year-old U.S. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Then there is the youngest African female member of Parliament and Cabinet minister Bogolo Kenewendo (32 years old) who held the minister of trade and investment portfolio.

In The Bahamas today, we have the lone female Cabinet minister, Lanisha Rolle, and the new President of the Senate Dr. Mildred Hall-Watson, who are leading and making a mark in their respective areas.

I, therefore, say to the woman of all ages and stages across this great nation, it’s time to ARISE!!

Women are natural born leaders. If you can lead your family, your business, the church, most assuredly you can lead a people.

Let’s bring our feminine power, creative ideas and witty solutions to the table irrespective of your denomination, political persuasion or setbacks. The time is over for talking about change. We must become the very catalyst for the change we seek. We must become the change and make the difference.

The future is calling NOW! Our nation needs us. Our generation is depending upon us. ARISE!

Senator Dr. Jasmin Turner-Dareus

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