Women needed in national leadership 

Dear Editor,

I read the Tribune editorial of Friday, February 26, under the headline, “What is being done to help women shine in politics” and the concluding sentence, “Over to you, party leaders”, and want to express a different take on this subject.

While there is work to be done by party leaders, there must also be a change in attitude amongst women.

Mothers need to empower their daughters to have the confidence to say “we have something to contribute to our community that is not hindered, but enhanced, by bringing a female perspective to problems”.

We are worthy and equal to any job. We all know this is true as many institutions thrive and are built on the bedrock of female participation — the church, hospitals and education, to name a few.

We have been politely waiting to be given equal power but that is not something anyone will be sharing voluntarily.

Women need to assert the balance that is needed in all things political for the betterment of our community. The glass ceiling has been broken by women like Cynthia “Mother” Pratt, Dame Janet Bostwick and others.

Let us not lose ground now by waiting on our male counterparts to give us what is rightly ours.

Women need to embrace their equality, not as a stick to beat down males, but as a responsibility to future generations to ensure a more equitable, happier society.

Joanne Smith

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