Would you rather deal with failure or the regret of not trying at all?

Ricardo Miller encourages living life maximized to the fullest

Everyone is the sum total of every decision they make – and the choices they make are critical as those choices are key in their future and happiness. It is critically important people ask God to help them and to give them strength to do the things necessary to live a life that is maximized to the fullest, according to Ricardo Miller, who has evolved from youth ministry pastor to family ministry pastor.

Miller, who used to be known as the Children’s Ministry Guy is now focused on personal development and has recently been reflecting, even with some of his successes, in the areas he has failed.

“Growing up here on [New Providence] as a teenager, I decided I did not want to live a life of regret. I made that decision, yet still experienced my fair share of failures,” says Miller.

He says he has also decided he would not live a life of regret – regardless of his failures.

“I failed miserably during my school-age years because I did not have any understanding or appreciation for what I was supposed to get in regard to my education in elementary, middle school, nor high school. I failed so miserably that I completed 12 years, only to leave with an attendance certificate.”

He did not allow that early failure to lead to regret.

“Even though I do not have as much education as others within my industry, I have written seven books.”

His latest book “Effective Living: Your Guide to Creating a Life You Don’t Need to Take a Vacation From”. In his newest book, Miller speaks to effective living – doing what you want to do, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, and as much as you want. He describes it as the harmonious balance of enthusiastically doing what you need to do with complete fulfillment of what you want to do.

“I open up about my riveting journey through the mountain and valley experiences of my life; and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. Everything from my challenged life on the inner-city streets of Nassau – to my recent devastating divorce – and overcoming it all, is featured in this book.”

Miller who received certification in leadership coaching from the Sam Chand Leadership Institute and also received Group Publishing Children’s Ministry Leaders certification has also been teaching his coaching clients, that the feeling of regret is much worse than the feeling of failure. And that the pandemic should have taught everyone that lesson.

The founder and CEO of Effective Living Life Management Agency which specializes in life management, coaching, personal development training, brand development, and corporate training.

Miller who coaches and guides individuals committed to improving their lives and businesses, said that for years he had difficulty learning how to properly work with other people.

“As a kid I had a temper issue that got me in a lot of trouble and suspended from school a few times. For years, I struggled working with groups of people to the point that it did limit some of my success.”

At the same token he says he did not allow that failure to keep him from doing what he believes God has called him to do now.

“I do not want to live a life of regret. Just because I failed, does not make me a failure. I have the opportunity to learn from my failures, make the necessary corrections, and continue to live in my purpose.”

He encourages people to not allow their failures to paralyze them from moving forward.

“Nothing haunts you like what you didn’t do or could have done. You can’t be afraid to do what you need to do, even if it did not work out for you. At least you will be able to say you tried. Failure – whether personal, professional, or even spiritual – is essential for personal expansion. The goal is to try to live life to the fullest. On your journey, you will experience some defeats. However, your defeats do not make you a failure.”

Miller who says he is dedicated to sharing the message of people discovering their grandest purpose and optimizing their highest potential, said over the years he has come to realize that most people do not take the time to study their choices and develop skills to master their decision-making abilities.

“I failed miserably in my marriage, making it to our 18-year anniversary, with the wrong goal of just counting years, rather than developing the skillsets to maintaining and sustaining a healthy marriage.”

While he admits he failed at marriage, he says he does not regret his past, but rather embraces it as the teacher it is. He encourages people to learn from their past so that they can continue to improve in every area of their life.

“If I fail… when I fail, I remind myself, if I had not tried, I would not have known what it would have been like. Then I would be living in regret, which I think is even more depressing than failure. The constant thoughts of what would’ve, could’ve, or should’ve been, would linger. So even though I failed, I tried something. I have no regrets about trying and I would do it all over again if I was given the opportunity, now having learned something.”

Miller says regret is harder on the mind than failure.

“Failure is temporary. Regret is forever. Do not fear failure, but please be terrified of regret. At 45 years-old, looking back at my life, I realize I had failed in discovering whom God created me to be and was living a life copying everyone rather than discovering my true self-worth.”

Miller says he has failed in every area of his life, but says he is still not a failure because he learned precious lessons that have allowed him to accept the reality of trying, only now to discover what he should have known a long time ago.

“If you’re not starting something today to improve your life or your situation because you’re afraid of failing again, you will come to regret it later – I promise.”

The family ministry pastor encourages people to just start, and to commit now to live their life to the fullest.

Miller is also the author of “Parenting With A Purpose: Questions Every Parent Must Answer!”, “Parenting with a Purpose: Equipping Kids to Succeed in Life”, “The Traveling Minister’s Handbook: Keys to Developing A Successful Itinerant Ministry”, “Wisdom Keys for Children’s Ministry: Inspirational Insights for Those Who Work with Children”, “141 Good Habits for Young People: Discover the Habits That Can Help You Win in Life”, “Volunteers: How to Get Them & How to Keep Them”, and “God Wants You Blessed”.

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