WSC expanding GPS tracking of its fleet

The Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) is expanding the GPS tracking solution for its fleet of vehicles across all of its offices throughout The Bahamas, WSC Executive Chairman Adrian Gibson said yesterday, adding that the expansion of the service will continue to help streamline the corporation’s operations.

Gibson said WSC has been using GPS tracking company CompassCom since 2012, and explained that it has been shown to increase employee accountability and decrease wear and fuel costs on the utility’s vehicular assets.

CompassCom Chief Executive Officer Brant Howard added that employees can also use the data from the device to validate their whereabouts when accusations are made by customers or others.

“It really helps the worker from a safety perspective and from the ability to really know what they have done and that they have done the right thing,” Howard said.

The corporation currently pays $2,800 per month for the CompassCom subscription across 48 vehicles. Howard said there will be an additional $1 per day for each vehicle when the fleet tracking is increased by 75.

“Because of accountability and reduced miles, it improves efficiency and it pays for itself,” Howard said.

Gibson said WSC has new vehicles on order that will also be tracked.

According to Gibson, staff are made aware that they are being tracked during their work hours.

Gibson explained that WSC has been moving more towards digitization of its operations and will continue to embrace all of the technologies that will make work and life at the corporation easier.

“The Water and Sewerage Corporation has committed itself to adopting those technological solutions that position it to better fulfill its mandate to provide water and sewerage service in New Providence and throughout the Family Islands, while servicing its customers in an effective and efficient manner,” Gibson said.

“The CompassCom GPS tracking solution enables the corporation to enhance command and control from its dispatch centers as well as from mobile supervisors in the field.

“It uses local wireless networks to deliver the real-time location of vehicles.

“The location data leverages the corporation’s investments in our mapping and call center, asset and work order management system solutions.

“The integration of these systems coupled with its wireless capabilities, mapping features and real-time data gives the corporation a world-class solution to support improvements in operations, in order to meet increasing demands throughout the islands where the corporation provides service.”

Gibson said he has suggested other utilities and government operations utilize the tracking systems to keep their staff accountable.

“The corporation recognizes the importance of embracing solutions that allow it to improve its operational efficiencies, while ensuring the safety of its employees and improving the service to our customers,” he said.

“This initiative is part of our continuing efforts to improve operational efficiencies and productivity at WSC.”

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